Go away, I’m napping!

Jha napping

the proper use of an ironing board


8 responses to “Go away, I’m napping!

  1. On another note, JayJay — no hang on a second, first I simply must take my Cat off to your awesomely creative attitude to rest. Watch, and learn — you the Cat!

    Now on another note. I have fired the first shot at You Know Who. Check out His latest post. Notify me in secret code whether you approve.

  2. Pedro,
    I just discovered you over at Bugs’ place and I was loving your blog and your attitude! And now you are honoring me?!? WOW! Thank you so much!

    We just had a little fire here and are waiting for power to be restored, so it might take me a bit to respond properly. (No, Bugs and I did not start the fire while we were practicing melting things with his superpowered hands of light.)

    Love and Wildebeest,


    • Greetings, house panthers! So good to meet you! You’ve got some good-looking carnivores over there. I hope your human family is doing well — best to Dave in his recovery.

      My humans are driving around the country right now, so they are ignoring my dictation. I get their attention by pooping as soon as they load me in the car, but they still haven’t posted any of my rantings.

      I’ll be in touch as soon as I get access to the computer again…

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