My Turtle Friend

My human took me outside yesterday, but held me tight in her arms so I couldn’t jump free.  She doesn’t let me walk around anymore since I discovered I could hide under the shed until she loses patience and goes inside.  Then I can ever so stealthily sneak under a part of the fence and be free to roam the side yard and even the front yard.  But one day when I was sniffing the side yard, some yappy creatures came running right at me from across the road so I bolted back under my fence but the yappies squeezed under the fence too so I ran far under the shed and they couldn’t follow me there but I heard my human scrambling around and then being loud at the yappies and then louder at their humans and made them all go away.  So finally, after everything was quiet for awhile, I came out from my un-followable spot to get a treat my human had brought out by the shed.  But she snatched me up and made me eat the treat inside.  She hasn’t let me do any exploring since then.

But anyhow…back to this morning.  We were out back getting some sunshine on our faces when we heard a rustling back in the bushes.  We watched as our friend Turtle appeared.  I haven’t seen him in a very long time.  There is actually more than one Turtle that used to come around and visit.  Maybe it is visiting season again.

My human couldn’t get a picture because she had her arms full of me.  But she’s got some pictures from previous visits we can show you.

My Friend, Turtle One

My First Meeting with Turtle One

Turtle One Really Likes Watermelon

I’m glad my human doesn’t put poisons out on the plants or bugs so my friends can come hang out.  Oh, that reminds me of the armadillo…

Well I’ll save that for tomorrow, I guess.


6 responses to “My Turtle Friend

  1. I love this! Man, he/she/it Turtle One is just gorgeous. SO cute. Yay you, for fostering the environment. And about JhaJah’s Outdoor Adventure — seems like all of us cataholics must go through this kind of — excitement [heart attack], hopefully at least once and then no more ever again. [Come to think of it, this subject may be You Know Who’s weak link. He seems really to get into a lather about it. I agree — but would never let Him know that.] Anyway, I am so extremely and very glad you got your arms around the kid again. Whew. After my Bugs went on a similar frolic, he is now an utter and total prisoner. Read about it in The Plot category over at our place when you get time. And keep these posts coming. I’ve subscribed, so now I’m caught up. Whoo hoo. So glad we met.

    • There is so much good stuff to read over at your place! We are slow readers — JhaJha likes to take her time looking at the pictures. So do I, really — so much cuteness! Thanks for sharing so much!

  2. Waiting for the armadillo story, is there a race and a trophy involved? Or raw meat for dinner? Wildebeest are not always easy to capture, so maybe… a small snack.

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