I Smell Wildebeest

Looking out my window into the darkness, I long for the open savanna.  I think I can smell a wildebeest.  And I want to eat it.  Now.

Is That a Wildebeest? I'll Eat it Anyway

This photo was taken by our friend, Das.  He makes sure I have peacock feathers to devour and brings me other treats sometimes, too.  If you like music, custom bamboo flutes, poetry or groovy photo headers, check out fantasyflutes.wordpress.com.  (My typist made his header and set up his website.  It is cool.)


One response to “I Smell Wildebeest

  1. Holy Moly! You got the POWAH! All we have to do is mention wildebeest. O lo & behold: They arrive. Or anyway close enough for government work. Now I know I’m on the right side of the Plot.

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