mmmYum — corn-flavored kitty litter

Does anybody else like to nibble the corn-flavored kitty litter? 

My human brought a big bag of it home today and poured some into half of my potty box.  The other half still had the pine stuff.  I gave it a sniff and started nibbling.  But my human kept saying “No” and scooting me away from it.  So why did she buy it for me if she doesn’t want me to enjoy it???

Then she tried to take a picture every time I went over to snack, but I would slip away and hide in my Lair-under-the-Chair.


2 responses to “mmmYum — corn-flavored kitty litter

  1. This is strange. Exactly the same thing happened to us. Every time we tried to have a taste of the stuff we got moved (and laughed at!). I tell you, we were pretty confused.

    We like your blog, we’ll be back again.
    Spock & Zé

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