I Give Up, They Win

I Give up, They Win

Yesterday JhaJha woke me up sometime before sunrise trying to convince me to go haul in a wildebeest for her.

Today it started at 2 in the morning.  As it was beginning to get light and I was finally dozing back to sleep, that familiar “blork-blork-blork” made me leap up out of bed before my eyes could even open.  Yes, a fur clog needed to be unclogged.  Not on the white carpet, please.  But no.  Instead of letting me just move her to the easy-to-clean tile, she had to run around the dark room trying to hide from me.  By the time I grabbed her, it was too late.  I think she got a little on my jammies, too.

"I don't know what she is talking about. I am totally innocent. Look how cute I am."

I know it is part of their plot.  Wear down the humans.  Don’t let them sleep.

I know they are up to something.  They are obviously more intelligent than us, so…fine — I give up.  Just let me sleep and don’t make me eat wildebeest.

Exhaustedly Yours,

JhaJha’s servant, typist and raw meat provider


7 responses to “I Give Up, They Win

  1. Jhazzzz. I think you may have gone too far? I myself have found it unwise to push the beans too far to the outer edges of their little envelope. Remember, they are neuronally challenged. Yakking on the PJs seems a bit, well, tasteless? I’m just saying.

  2. I don’t know, Bugs. I am quite pleased with myself. All seems well in my world. She leaves the room, I cry, she comes back and pets me. I climb unto her chest between her face and the computer, she pets me. And I wasn’t trying to hork on the jammies, I just wanted some privacy, ya know? I’m waiting for you to develop those nanostructures we can utilize with the human beans’ neural networks to make them more malleable intelligent. Did you get your lab coat yet?

  3. JhaJha, I am pleased and gratified that you got it going on. And I so know what you mean about the privacy thing. When will they learn that We are the ones who set the terms. Their compliance is required. Malleability is the very trait we’re looking for.

    The lab coat is on order. Didja see the link bean’s friend Eleanor found, to sister Daisy? She looks pretty good in hers. Especially with the glasses. http://lovelypets0.blogspot.com/2009/12/daisy-curly-cat_11.html

    • Oh yeah. Now I see the splash-protection potential in your choice. I like the stockinette cuffs. Much more functional. You see how susceptible I am to, how shall I say, strange attractors.

      Wait a minute. Can you believe it? It’s 7:47 on Saturday morning and the neighbor has just started up his chain-saw. I’m serious. Even a lab-coat might not help over here. The stains, you see.

    • Way too cool. Do you love this? “Computer tools to help comprehending dynamic systems, a superset of strange attractors.” Not much comprehension going on over here — but who needs it, in such a world of magic & wonder.

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