JhaJha and I are in the midst of moving so you may not hear much for a few days.  Still not sure where we are going or how we are getting there.

If you have a cheap van for sale or would like some groovy visitors, let us know!

(She wants to just follow the wildebeest migration, but that doesn’t quite work for me.)


4 responses to “Moving

  1. Oh dears — moral support aplenty over here and not much else — no van — just lots and lots of empathy for this up- and re- rooting. I know Jhaj will have plenty to self-express about that. Will you just drop a quick line here, as developments occur — We are wanting to know, Bugs and I.

    Plenty of wildebeest in Arkansas, and groovy visitors are most welcome — but you say you live on the beach, so I’m guessing this territory over here may be out of your migration range. Blame it on the climate disaster.

    • Thank you for the support! Actually looking at heading to Asheville, WI, MI, CO and WA. I was totally migratory before the Fuzzy One came into my life. Doing it with little carnivorous company will be an adventure. Things should sort out in the next few days. (I’ve been saying that for months.) We’ll let y’all know! Thanks!

      • Holy moly gal, you are fairly awesome! Take care! Happy trails!

        You remind me of the guy who travels around with his cat in his backpack. With a sunhat. On both the cat & him. Have you seen that one? Could track it down for you (with difficulty) if need be . . . but am bleary in bankruptcy law (fortunately not my own bankruptcy, at least not yet) at the moment . . . .

        • I think I’ve seen it or something similar.

          JhaJha got carried around in a messenger-style kitten carrier at a Rainbow Gathering before she was a year old. I think that was enough for both of us.

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