Sleeping at the The Sai Baba Super 8

On the road again!

This time we are “on vacation”.  Heading towards Yogaville today.  Serendipitously arrived at the Sai Baba Super8 last night.  Great boxsprings that are ripped open underneath so I can explore.  Nice window ledge, too.  Mama was talking about the sitar music playing down at breakfast.

Who knows what these silly humans are up to this time.


2 responses to “Sleeping at the The Sai Baba Super 8

  1. Ah, I would guess the concept of a human “vacation” would be foreign to a feline such as yourself. You purr-haps have integrated relaxing, getting away from it all, and what humans call “vacations” into your mindful momentary existence. You, after all, have been gifted with a dutiful guardian for mundane tasks. Thanks for the “Post” card, keep in touch, and enjoy the view.

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