Plotting My Escape

I’ve studied the map laid out on the pool table.

I Need a Screwdriver

Now to remove these hinges I just need a screwdriver .

And opposable thumbs.



11 responses to “Plotting My Escape

    • Oh, Bugs!
      You ARE brilliant!
      This smelly doesn’t move too fast, though. And he just ignores me.
      But you’ve got me thinking now….a chair, perhaps, or a flying pool ball…

      On the map I saw a place named Savannah. They must have wildebeest there! I can’t wait!

      • Yup, you got a plan there dude. And then blame him. Only fair, for ignoring you. And when you get to The Savannah? Send a care package. Even hoofs and ears would be good. She keeps feeding me — chicken. So lame.

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