A Birthday Haiku

For Speedbump



who cares about cake

just bring on the wildebeest

ice cream looks good though


5 responses to “A Birthday Haiku

  1. Hey, wait a minute. You’re lying on ME. Am I a wildebeest??? Please stop playing your goofy tricks while I’m sleeping. Think again, devil cat.

      • There will be no sharing with that White Nuisance. I don’t care how tough and sinewy. He is just too annoying for words. [Ed.– I wonder if this is why Bugs keeps throwing up. He’s disgusted by the White Nuisance. Oh dear. What to do.] Ed., I told you to go away. You can come back later when you have a coherent thought in your head. That is not now. So go away. [Ed. — Right Bugs. Bye for now.]

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