Loving Fangie and Anita

This is to honor Fangie — who this morning went back to the Great Mystery from whence he came — and his human-bean-mama, Anita.  Fang brought so much love to this world through Anita and everyone who read her delightful and touching stories of his adventures.  I am so grateful to have shared in that experience.  Thank you, Anita.  Thank you, Fangie.  Blessings on your new adventure!

Fangie getting some love from his big brother Bugs





13 responses to “Loving Fangie and Anita

  1. Gak. I’m absolutely stunned I don’t remember seeing this unbelievably sweet and beautiful post . . . until NOW???? And so am a little tearful. Where have you & I been?? And that wonderful, dear, precious Laurel — who seems to have vanished off the face . . . I am not the only one who feels bereft at that . . . Oh typist . . . I have missed you. I was so glad to see you pop up on my blog just now. I see I have some catching up to do. You’ve been posting and I didn’t know? Tsk!! This interwebs can be tricky. LOTS of love!!!!!! Let’s stay more connected now.

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