About JhaJha

Vicious carnivore.

I love:

  • raw meat – organic, of course!
  • sunshine
  • cardboard boxes
  • climbing doorjambs
  • swearing at birds
  • eating peacock feathers
  • escaping

14 responses to “About JhaJha

  1. I am very pleased to meet you. Maybe we could organize a cult — err, no, that would be organize a caring and visionary group — to compete with Otis? Nature loves diversity. . . . I like your attitude. I think we could make a lot of money off some disciples of our own and dominate the world — err, no, that would be do good and important visionary work to freely and generously help people — together. What say? I think it’s an idea whose time has come. –Bugs

    • YES!

      Good to meet you, Bugs! Why do they call you that though? I hope you don’t have parasites. They are icky. I’d like to spend some more time getting to know you over at your website, but you know how that goes…humans helpers are needed and they just don’t comprehend commands very well. And my human (who refers to herself as Mama) did spend a good part of her day yesterday setting this wordpress thing up for me just so I could talk to Otis. And then that big fat brat cat didn’t even have the courage to publish my comment!!! All I got back from him was some crap about being “catty”. I assume that refers to my superior intellect and cuteness. I see that he now has posted my comments, but it is too late. I have been offended. I will not forget his transgression. I might forgive him someday…maybe if he sent me that catnip banana of his or the groovy pillow of enlightenment. Not that I need it, mind you.

      So, YES, Bugs! Our brand new “caring and visionary group” has begun!!! I wouldn’t use the word “compete”, though. We are obviously in a different league than you-know-who. (I actually had to go climb up the door and stand on the doorknob and howl a victorious howl right now, I got so excited!)

      YES! We’ve got the smarts and the cuteness! Let the domination…er, visionary work…begin!


      • Excellent, JayJay. I heard that howl and came on over.

        I am clean and mean, by the way. No bugs of the insect variety. Bugs is short for Bougarabou O. Hooligan.

        Mr. You Know Who is going to have to learn how to converse. Right now it’s all about him. I’ve commented too — no answer. Any ideas?

        I mean — we hear each other howling.

        Maybe he’s deaf.

  2. Hey, Bugs! I got to check out a little more about you over at your site…cool! I see you have a very long name also. My human couldn’t translate mine, so I told her to just call me “JhaJha”.

    I was enjoying learning about you and seeing the cute pictures of your world, but then my human started reading about your human. I guess they have lots in common, too, cuz she just about fell asleep with that computer thing on her lap last night.

    So my human and I both need to hang out over at your place some more. Maybe if our humans get caught up in their own “good and important visionary work to freely and generously help people”, we can stealthily implement our plan of world domination…

  3. Most excellent, JhaJha. I like the way you think, as far as making the beans think they’re doing something important. Let’s have sleepovers at each other’s place. That way, when the principal bean is asleep we can Hatch Our Plot.

  4. See that’s another thing about the beans. They don’t get it, about the wildebeests. Should we include a wildebeest demand in our nefarious Plot?

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