Loving Fangie and Anita

This is to honor Fangie — who this morning went back to the Great Mystery from whence he came — and his human-bean-mama, Anita.  Fang brought so much love to this world through Anita and everyone who read her delightful and touching stories of his adventures.  I am so grateful to have shared in that experience.  Thank you, Anita.  Thank you, Fangie.  Blessings on your new adventure!

Fangie getting some love from his big brother Bugs






We are moving further than originally anticipated, so we may not be around the internet for a few more days.  And when we do arrive at our next destination, I won’t have frequent access.  So hang in there — I’m sure JhaJha will have lots to report by the time we next check in.

I Give Up, They Win

I Give up, They Win

Yesterday JhaJha woke me up sometime before sunrise trying to convince me to go haul in a wildebeest for her.

Today it started at 2 in the morning.  As it was beginning to get light and I was finally dozing back to sleep, that familiar “blork-blork-blork” made me leap up out of bed before my eyes could even open.  Yes, a fur clog needed to be unclogged.  Not on the white carpet, please.  But no.  Instead of letting me just move her to the easy-to-clean tile, she had to run around the dark room trying to hide from me.  By the time I grabbed her, it was too late.  I think she got a little on my jammies, too.

"I don't know what she is talking about. I am totally innocent. Look how cute I am."

I know it is part of their plot.  Wear down the humans.  Don’t let them sleep.

I know they are up to something.  They are obviously more intelligent than us, so…fine — I give up.  Just let me sleep and don’t make me eat wildebeest.

Exhaustedly Yours,

JhaJha’s servant, typist and raw meat provider