We are moving further than originally anticipated, so we may not be around the internet for a few more days.  And when we do arrive at our next destination, I won’t have frequent access.  So hang in there — I’m sure JhaJha will have lots to report by the time we next check in.



JhaJha and I are in the midst of moving so you may not hear much for a few days.  Still not sure where we are going or how we are getting there.

If you have a cheap van for sale or would like some groovy visitors, let us know!

(She wants to just follow the wildebeest migration, but that doesn’t quite work for me.)

I Give Up, They Win

I Give up, They Win

Yesterday JhaJha woke me up sometime before sunrise trying to convince me to go haul in a wildebeest for her.

Today it started at 2 in the morning.  As it was beginning to get light and I was finally dozing back to sleep, that familiar “blork-blork-blork” made me leap up out of bed before my eyes could even open.  Yes, a fur clog needed to be unclogged.  Not on the white carpet, please.  But no.  Instead of letting me just move her to the easy-to-clean tile, she had to run around the dark room trying to hide from me.  By the time I grabbed her, it was too late.  I think she got a little on my jammies, too.

"I don't know what she is talking about. I am totally innocent. Look how cute I am."

I know it is part of their plot.  Wear down the humans.  Don’t let them sleep.

I know they are up to something.  They are obviously more intelligent than us, so…fine — I give up.  Just let me sleep and don’t make me eat wildebeest.

Exhaustedly Yours,

JhaJha’s servant, typist and raw meat provider

Happy Mother’s Day

My typist and I would like to wish all of you Mothers

— and humans who act like Mamas to your fuzzy little ones —

a very joyful Mother’s Day!

An extra special thank you to those of you have adopted those little fuzzballs who didn’t have their own Mamas.  Thank you for loving them and giving them safe homes.  I am sure your babies appreciate you very much.

I am glad my Mama found me.  I don’t remember much anymore, but I know I was all alone.  In the cold.  Next to a highway full of big, noisy cars.  I was trying to get through them when this human came running through the cars right at me!  I took off and tried to hide under a concrete barricade next to a very steep, very high embankment that looked more like a cliff.  I kept trying to back further under the barricade and came real close to going over the edge.  But the crazy human was hanging over the barricade blocking my escape…or fall.  She finally managed to pull me out from there and wrapped me in the big wool sweater she was wearing.  I squealed and tried to escape, but after a few minutes I relaxed.  Being wrapped up and warm felt ok.  Kinda nice even.

Jha on sweater

JhaJha on the same sweater Mama first wrapped her in

There were more adventures because I was very tiny and very sick.  But I got better and I got bigger and I got even feistier.  And I’ve been letting that crazy human — who refers to herself as Mama — live with me for over five years now.



P.S.  All of my baby pictures are actually printed old style on paper instead of being on the computer thing.  So Mama will have to figure out how to share those with you.  So don’t hold your breath.  I was very, very cute, though.

I Smell Wildebeest

Looking out my window into the darkness, I long for the open savanna.  I think I can smell a wildebeest.  And I want to eat it.  Now.

Is That a Wildebeest? I'll Eat it Anyway

This photo was taken by our friend, Das.  He makes sure I have peacock feathers to devour and brings me other treats sometimes, too.  If you like music, custom bamboo flutes, poetry or groovy photo headers, check out  (My typist made his header and set up his website.  It is cool.)

mmmYum — corn-flavored kitty litter

Does anybody else like to nibble the corn-flavored kitty litter? 

My human brought a big bag of it home today and poured some into half of my potty box.  The other half still had the pine stuff.  I gave it a sniff and started nibbling.  But my human kept saying “No” and scooting me away from it.  So why did she buy it for me if she doesn’t want me to enjoy it???

Then she tried to take a picture every time I went over to snack, but I would slip away and hide in my Lair-under-the-Chair.