Saving a Life — Cheap Avocados, Annoying Dogs, and Following Your Bliss

Just a quick note this morning to all of my friends and fans who have been missing me so badly.  The humans took me on another one of those road trips.  This one was a month long and we went over 8500 miles.  Oh yeah, you’ll hear more about that later.

But what I want to share this morning is about what happened yesterday.  Speedbump (as I unaffectionately refer to him because he is always in my way) went out yesterday morning to do some errands.  Let me just mention that he is a compulsive grocery shopper.  Both humans usually leave the house together, but yesterday Speedbump went out and did his own bopping around and left Mama here for me to play with.  One of his big thrills is finding cheap avocados at this certain store.  So after doing some other shopping at other places for other odds and ends, off he went in search of the avocados.  His mission was a success and he took his bag full of cheap avocados out to the car.

What he discovered in the parking lot was one of those little dog creatures going nuts in a pick-up truck next to his parked car.  Maybe I haven’t explained that Speedbump is a dog guy.  He lets his dog, Dusty, sleep in the middle of the bed.  That is my spot.  Silly man.  So anyway, Speedbump had to go see what was up with this dog that was freaking out in the truck next to him.  What he found was a man slumped over the steering wheel and this dog barking and pawing trying to rouse him.  Yikes!

Speedbump called 911 and the paramedics were there almost instantly.  Turns out this man had fallen into a diabetic coma.  The paramedics quickly revived the man and he was fine. Turns out this dog was the man’s service dog, trained to alert him when his blood sugar gets low.

Hmm, I guess there is a use for annoying barking creatures after all.

So…I think the moral of the story is do what makes you happy and you will be in the flow of Life.  So go lie in the sunshine or go shopping or bark a lot.  Whatever works for you…